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After creating a previous blog post about a possible Sandy Hook conspiracy, I have discover new information.  Being so enraged how our country may have been involved in the lose of these children, I began scouring the internet for more information.  Finding only scraps of false or un-credible information, I though that all hope was lost in finding the answer.

I came across this recent video on YouTube this morning, and finally found some relief and answers that I have been searching for.  The author of this film (TheAmazingAtheist) did a fantastic job on debunking the viral Sandy Hook conspiracy video.  The video below clearly debunks the Sandy Hook conspiracy video, and has set my mind at ease for the first time in several days!  I am embarrassed of how easily I was pulled into the conspiracy trap, as I am sure most of you are as well, but also comforted in knowing it was a hoax!  I invite all of you reading this to comment below with your opinions.  Were you mislead by this viral Sandy Hook conspiracy too?