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Electronic Voice Phenomenon

The Past is Calling… Should we Answer?

by Todd Bates for Haunted Voices & Unearthly Paranormal

Since paranormal research pioneers such as, Jeurgenson, Estep, and Cass introduced many of us to the world of recorded disembodied spirit communication, we have been baffled as to their origin.  How does a ghostly voice, become captured in time and recorded onto our devices?  Unfortunately, that question cannot be answered accurately. However, there are many theories to how this may be possible.  We will not discuss these theories until future articles, so you can put back your bottle of aspirin until then.  Instead, we will cover the basics of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (commonly called EVP in the paranormal field) such as, protocol, equipment, and capturing your evidence of the ghostly phenomenon.  The study of Electronic Voice Phenomenon is illusive, (more…)