Was the Sandy Hook Shooting A Conspiracy? Help Ease My Outrage!

Posted: January 17, 2013 in In The News
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The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed – YouTube.

Like many others, I was also devastated to see the tragic event on December 14th, 2012.  But also, to recently discover that a Sandy Hook conspiracy may have been involved turned my stomach.  I understand this may be saturated news to some of you, but when my wife introduced me to a video she found on the internet, a whole new kind of anger was created.

The sheer thought that our own government may be using our nations children, as a scam for gun control, was appalling to say the least!  Having paid crisis actors mislead us into donating money for agencies created prior to the Sandy Hook shooting, the lack of or “faked” emotion shown by some of the victims parents, and mistaken identity of the shooter(s), all left me scratching my head after viewing this viral video.  Was this simply a scam or exercise to relieve this great nation of gun ownership (mainly assault weapons) or did it backfire and cause us to purchase or encourage more firearm use?  Are we test monkey’s for something bigger that has yet to come?

Image courtesy of www.shft411.com

Image courtesy of Debate.Org

I would like to ask the help of each of you reading this blog post and embedded film to comment and perhaps clear some of my confusion.  Am I reading to much into this conspiracy theory?  Was this film created in order to sway me in believing the United States government would stoop this low to obtain the right to steal OUR rights?  I do not discuss politics very often, however, I feel an exception has been made, in order to free my mind of such a preposterous and hideous claim. But is it?

I thank each of you in advance for posting your comments and opinions about this film, in addition to our current state of removing some of our constitutional rights.  Perhaps one day all of this will be brought out into the open, but for today we must act on our gut feelings and the little amount of evidence provided to us.  Your comments will be respected and are extremely welcomed!

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