How to Prevent Your Car Doors from Freezing Shut: 6 steps

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Tips & Tricks

The morning started out great, but quickly turned into a struggle with frozen car doors!  We had a terrible ice storm last night and I was not prepared for this mornings outcome.  The usual routine of warming the car up and taking my daughter to school was slightly delayed by several trips back inside to retrieve more hot water.  Finally,  the doors opened and after several minutes of ice scraping, we were well on our way!

To help save each of you from this possible disaster, I found a few tips (provided in the link below), that may help prevent this from happening to you!  Enjoy and have a happy Winter season everyone!  I know I will be prepared from now on… will you?

How to Prevent Your Car Doors from Freezing Shut: 6 steps.


  1. cparip says:

    That is a great set of tips, it should be noted that if your doors are frozen, don’t force them open, or you may tear the door seals.

    I am a bit of a handyman, so I always have a small propane torch, as long as you don’t hold it in once place for too long, it is the fastest way to free frozen doors.

  2. Thank you for the comment! Yes, that should have been added to the list and also a great tip! Forcing them open could create all kinds of future problems. I like your idea about the small propane torch and may have to pick one of those up! I only hope I do not set myself on fire with it.

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