Electronic Voice Phenomenon

The Past is Calling… Should we Answer?

by Todd Bates for Haunted Voices & Unearthly Paranormal

Since paranormal research pioneers such as, Jeurgenson, Estep, and Cass introduced many of us to the world of recorded disembodied spirit communication, we have been baffled as to their origin.  How does a ghostly voice, become captured in time and recorded onto our devices?  Unfortunately, that question cannot be answered accurately. However, there are many theories to how this may be possible.  We will not discuss these theories until future articles, so you can put back your bottle of aspirin until then.  Instead, we will cover the basics of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (commonly called EVP in the paranormal field) such as, protocol, equipment, and capturing your evidence of the ghostly phenomenon.  The study of Electronic Voice Phenomenon is illusive, Read the rest of this entry »

A monkey was once tried and convicted for smoking a cigarette in South Bend, Indiana


250 people have fallen off the Leaning Tower of Pisa


One would think NOT to climb this leaning tower, due to it obviously being very unstable!

I highly invite comments and feedback on this issue below!

The “spot” on the 7-Up comes from its inventor who had red eyes – he was an albino. ’7′ was because the original containers were 7 ounces and ‘UP’ indicated the direction of the bubbles.

Charles Grigg Inventor of 7up

Inventor Charles Leiper Grigg

Enjoy and be sure to think about Charles Griggs albinism when you drink your next Un-cola!


After creating a previous blog post about a possible Sandy Hook conspiracy, I have discover new information.  Being so enraged how our country may have been involved in the lose of these children, I began scouring the internet for more information.  Finding only scraps of false or un-credible information, I though that all hope was lost in finding the answer.

I came across this recent video on YouTube this morning, and finally found some relief and answers that I have been searching for.  The author of this film (TheAmazingAtheist) did a fantastic job on debunking the viral Sandy Hook conspiracy video.  The video below clearly debunks the Sandy Hook conspiracy video, and has set my mind at ease for the first time in several days!  I am embarrassed of how easily I was pulled into the conspiracy trap, as I am sure most of you are as well, but also comforted in knowing it was a hoax!  I invite all of you reading this to comment below with your opinions.  Were you mislead by this viral Sandy Hook conspiracy too?

I invite each of you to comment below and share how this woman’s statements impacted you!

I have been told that a picture says 1,000 words, but I do not think these two realize what they are up against!  Sure, I understand being curious every once in a while, but to stick your face in front of a horses ass has not made my list of things to do!  I seriously doubt they are checking the amounts of methane released into our ozone layer, and will assume neither of them are veterinarians.

Although the end results (yes, pun was intended) of this photograph are unknown, one can only use their imagination on this situation and hope neither of them have a lit cigarette nearby.  I would like to go into further detail about this photo, but believe that some things are best left unsaid!



The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed – YouTube.

Like many others, I was also devastated to see the tragic event on December 14th, 2012.  But also, to recently discover that a Sandy Hook conspiracy may have been involved turned my stomach.  I understand this may be saturated news to some of you, but when my wife introduced me to a video she found on the internet, a whole new kind of anger was created.

The sheer thought that our own government may be using our nations children, as a scam for gun control, was appalling to say the least!  Having paid crisis actors mislead us into donating money for agencies created prior to the Sandy Hook shooting, the lack of or “faked” emotion shown by some of the victims parents, and mistaken identity of the shooter(s), all left me scratching my head after viewing this viral video.  Was this simply a scam or exercise to relieve this great nation of gun ownership (mainly assault weapons) or did it backfire and cause us to purchase or encourage more firearm use?  Are we test monkey’s for something bigger that has yet to come?

Image courtesy of www.shft411.com

Image courtesy of Debate.Org

I would like to ask the help of each of you reading this blog post and embedded film to comment and perhaps clear some of my confusion.  Am I reading to much into this conspiracy theory?  Was this film created in order to sway me in believing the United States government would stoop this low to obtain the right to steal OUR rights?  I do not discuss politics very often, however, I feel an exception has been made, in order to free my mind of such a preposterous and hideous claim. But is it?

I thank each of you in advance for posting your comments and opinions about this film, in addition to our current state of removing some of our constitutional rights.  Perhaps one day all of this will be brought out into the open, but for today we must act on our gut feelings and the little amount of evidence provided to us.  Your comments will be respected and are extremely welcomed!